NSW Political Party Scorecard

NSW political parties scorecard for election 2023

How do the NSW Political Parties rate on issues important to Sydney Nannas? How do you find your electorate and candidates and what are the parties’ policies?

How to find your electorate and candidates

1. Find your electorate by entering your address in this search engine.

2. Registered candidates for March election listed here. Nominations closed 8 March. Wikipedia list of Candidates.

NSW Major Political Parties’ Policies

Animal Justice –  Policy Platform 2023

The Coalition: Liberals – Our plan & Nationals – Policy

Greens: 2023 Policy Platform

Labor: Campaigns

Socialist Alliance: People before profit campaign

Sustainable Australia: Policies

The following NSW independent candidates are joining forces to push for five major coal and gas reforms, including halting the Santos Narrabri Gas project and the Hunter gas pipeline, and to prevent coal seam gas development on the Liverpool Plains. ABC News

Victoria Davidson – Lane Cove

Joeline Hackman – Manly

Helen Conway – North Shore

Jacqui Scruby – Pittwater

Karen Freyer – Vaucluse

Alex Greenwich – Sydney

Michael Regan – Wakehurst

Elizabeth Farrelly – Legislative Council,

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