Albury-Wodonga Knitting Nannas

Albury-Wodonga Knitting Nannas  meet every Thursday, from 12.30 to 1.30pm. If you’d like to join us, bring a folding chair for yourself.  Knitting or crocheting is optional, as we seem to spend more time chatting than anything else.

We alternate, spending one Thursday in Albury, followed by one in Wodonga. The Albury meeting place is in Queen Elizabeth Square on Dean Street.  You cant miss us – we’re the bunch of radical old nannas under the big shady tree.  The Wodonga meeting place is on the footpath outside the office of Senator Bridget McKenzie at 172 High Street.

If you want to drop in on us but you’re not sure whether its a Wodonga week or an Albury one, phone either Liz or Jenny to check.

Liz Hammond
Phone:  0429177681

Jenni Huber
Phone:  0410074900

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