Good News 4 Nov 2022

See all the good news and links to articles, including networks find smarter ways to shift more renewables around the grid, win for yellow bellied gliders and greater gliders in Victoria, standard chargers to cut waste and more……Continue reading “Good News 4 Nov 2022”

Nanna condemns police intimidation

Media Release: The Climate Coalition Sydney is alarmed by police intimidation of environmentalists in the lead up to the International Mining and Resources Conference next week. The alliance of climate action and environmental groups has vowed to continue to rally against expanding coal and gas mining and to push for a step up in actions on climate change. Continue reading “Nanna condemns police intimidation”

Take Action

Market Forces have set up an effective way to take action on climate change and the environment  – we can all do it. Using this easy process you can call on the banks and other institutions to walk away from their investments in Whitehaven Coal for the sake of the global climate.Continue reading “Take Action”

Nannas at Whitehaven Coal AGM

Whitehaven’s AGM on Thursday was more than the executives bargained for. Environmental groups rallied outside the meeting at the Mint in Sydney, while in the meeting shareholders questioned the company’s plans to double coal production in the midst of a climate emergency. Continue reading “Nannas at Whitehaven Coal AGM”

Good News 28 Oct 2022

To read more about this week’s good news click on the image and and then on the links.  Extra good news not on the graphic includes a virtual fence to protect wildlife, Sydney solar pioneer wins international prize, Brisbane battery innovator US funding, ACT circular economy strategy, record penguin numbers and more.Continue reading “Good News 28 Oct 2022”


Athletes and teams from various sports across Australia are ditching fossil fuel companies as sponsors. Following a public outcry, Tennis Australia dropped Santos sponsorship from the Australian Open after one year. Now a video captures the Sydney Knitting Nannas chasing Santos off the croquet court.Continue reading “Sportswashing”

Tamboran Resourses AGM

On Tuesday, Sydney Knitting Nannas joined other groups outside Tamboran Resources AGM to protest against fracking for gas in the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory.

Energy retailer, Origin, recently sold their interest in the project and announced plans to exit the gas exploration business and focus on a renewable energy transition. A long campaign against the project lead by Traditional Owners across the Northern Territory forced Origin Energy to make this decision.Continue reading “Tamboran Resourses AGM”

Nannas Plot at a Retreat

Last week a group of Sydney Knitting Nannas left the city for the country, taking a few days to recharge, sing and plot.  They were fun-filled days with lots of activities and food. 

First thing each day was a Qigong class with Nanna Penny on the verandah where we could tune into the noises of nature. A relaxing way to start the day.Continue reading “Nannas Plot at a Retreat”

Don’t Frack the NT

Origin recently sold their interest in fracking for gas in the Beetaloo basin (Hooray!) so now the new owners need to get the message. There’s a great chance for Sydney people to support the campaign to stop gas fracking this Tuesday morning.Continue reading “Don’t Frack the NT”

Nannas say NO to incinerators

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends attended a rally outside the Land & Environment Court on Tuesday about the New Generation Energy from Waste Facility at Eastern Creek. Western Sydney residents have fought off the incinerators twice but the industry hasn’t given up.

Nannas are calling for real solutions to the waste crisis, and a ban on polluting incinerators. The industry argues that Energy from Waste is a Win Win – they burn waste that’s difficult to recycle and you get electricity, so what’s the problem with that?Continue reading “Nannas say NO to incinerators”

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