Scott Morrison’s plan to spend $600 million on the gas peaking plant in the Hunter has been powerfully debunked from all directions. The Hunter community, energy experts, economists, climate scientists, health professionals and environmentalists have all said it’s crazy. The EIS consultation received 250 public submission and only two supported it.Continue reading

Support the Rylstone community by this Wednesday, 18 August.

The people of the Rylstone area are strongly opposed to coal mining and exploration in their region, and they encourage us all to help. The rivers, groundwater, Aboriginal heritage sites, farms, endangered species, agriculture and tourism would be damaged or destroyed if mining goes ahead.Continue reading

Action of the Week

The NSW government has been trying for a few years to legalise and licence the giving away of water that would otherwise go to the rivers, the environment and downstream communities. Floodplain harvesting is the practice by rural landholders of setting up levees, walls and dams to capture water on their properties during rainfall rather than let it flow across the land to the river system.Continue reading “Action of the Week”

Action of the Week

Soon the Senate will be asked to vote on amendments that would weaken our national nature laws further. Prominent people have called the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act weak and not fit for purpose. That’s why Australia leads the world on species extinctions, loss of habitat, deforestation and land degradation.Continue reading “Action of the Week”