Good News 17 March 2022

Read more about these topics on links to articles and ….. how the art of ‘imping’ saves birds of prey, the transformation of outback Victoria and how gas demand was slashed in the British winter.Continue reading “Good News 17 March 2022”

Violet is free

Sydney Nannas once again were up early to support Violet Coco outside court before her appeal hearing at the Downing Centre Court. Violet was sentenced in December to a 15-month jail term with a non-parole period of eight months.
Continue reading “Violet is free”

Save ancient rock art

The Traditional Custodians of Murujuga are asking for our support to save ancient rock art from Woodside’s Burrup Hub gas project. The rock art has been nominated for World Heritage listing but it needs protection from Woodside’s huge polluting gas project.Continue reading “Save ancient rock art”

NSW Political Party Scorecard

How do the NSW Political Parties rate on issues important to Sydney Nannas? How do you find your electorate and candidates and what are the parties’ policies?Continue reading “NSW Political Party Scorecard”

Senate inquiry into fracking the Beetaloo Basin

A long-running Senate inquiry into fracking the Beetaloo Basin is in it’s final stages. The Senators on the Committee need to know we are watching and calling on them to listen to the strong opposition of the Traditional Owners.

Pick a Senator and drop them a line.

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