Dubbo turns out to support Macquarie River

The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends visit to the Macquarie Marshes inspired them to protect it and Nanna Sue Gee painted this picture of the area. Since then we have heard about the NSW Government’s proposed plan to replace the old weir at Gin Gin with a ‘super weir’ and we invited Mel Gray to tell us more about it on Zoom. But we are not the only ones concerned about this proposal.Continue reading “Dubbo turns out to support Macquarie River”

Anniversary of Bibblewindi spill

A toxic mixture of salt, chemicals and water from the coal seams spilled out of the Bibblewindi Water Treatment Plant in the Pilliga Forest 10 years ago on 25th June. These photographs, taken since 2015, show how hard it is to regrow vegetation on this site.Continue reading “Anniversary of Bibblewindi spill”

Plan to visit the Pilliga?

The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends recently travelled to northwest NSW to see for themselves not only Santos’ unwanted gasfield in the Pilliga forest, but also the many attractions the area has to offer visitors. The Nannas’ blog has now been updated with more photos and information to help you plan a trip there too.
Continue reading “Plan to visit the Pilliga?”

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