Council Election Check List

It is compulsory for people in NSW aged 18 and over to vote in the local council elections to be held on Saturday 4 December. Sydney Knitting Nannas have compiled some links on how, when and where to vote, and checklists on what your council should do to reduce emissions, minimise waste and make their Local Government Area (LGA) more liveable.Continue reading “Council Election Check List”

Stop Whitehaven’s vandalism – increase fines

Whitehaven Coal is well known for their environmental offences in and near their mines in North West NSW. The most recent fine of $30,000 issued by the EPA was for polluting a creek near the Tarrawonga mine. This was their third offence of this type in two years. In August this year they were convicted in the Land and Environment Court for 19 breaches of their approval conditions and their failure to rehabilitate drill sites.Continue reading “Stop Whitehaven’s vandalism – increase fines”

Local government and our warming suburbs and cities

The following is Sydney Knitting Nannas’ second article in our campaign to engage people in local government before the elections on December 4. This article is about the environment, biodiversity and the livability of our local government area. Continue reading “Local government and our warming suburbs and cities”

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