No Kurri Kurri Gas Plant

Two of our members live in Rob Stokes’ electorate, and they invited Nannas to this special rally outside his office to protest against the Kurri Kurri gas plant, which not only encourages the expansion of gas in NSW, but promises to be a $600 million white elephant, offering a pathetic ten long term jobs in the district. That’s $60 million per job.Continue reading “No Kurri Kurri Gas Plant”

LNP’s Pathetic 2030 Target

This week in Glasgow global leaders need to go hard and go fast to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade. Yet in Australia there is no sign of a national action plan to reduce emissions and our 2030 target is a pathetic 26-28%. And instead of real action on climate change we have a government pushing a gas-led disaster and the expansion of coal mining. Continue reading “LNP’s Pathetic 2030 Target”

Nannas online trip to Whitehaven AGM

The Chair of Whitehaven Coal, former Nationals leader Mark Vaille, was asked an interesting question at the AGM this week. Ava Princi, one of the Sharma vs the Minister for the Environment case litigants, asked him to explain why the company was going ahead with the Vickery coal mine when the federal court had found thatContinue reading “Nannas online trip to Whitehaven AGM”