Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has signaled she intends to block Clive Palmer’s Central Queensland coal mine. Let’s tell her that’s the right call in the consultation open until Thursday this week. Opposition to this mine is overwhelming – we need this to be the last step in blocking it.

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No New Coal and Gas Rally

Sydney Knitting Nannas co-hosted a ‘No New Coal and Gas’ rally at Sydney Town Hall on Sunday. A series of excellent speakers were introduced by organiser Rachel Evans and Nanna Marie. After the short and passionate speeches the group marched to Hyde Park, pausing along the way to observe a minute’s silence for all the death and destruction experienced during the recent floods and fires as the result of climate change.Continue reading “No New Coal and Gas Rally”

Book Review

Nine Lives for our Planet by John Watts is a collection of personal stories of nine inspiring women who cherish Earth.

It got me in, this collection of personal stories of nine women who’ve put protecting the natural world at the centre of their lives. They’re from different generations, including my own. I liked that they talked about their parents, early lives and what set them off to protect the environment.Continue reading “Book Review”