Narrabri – gasfields, renewables, distillery and rock

Narrabri, located in Gomeroi Country, is a town divided by Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project. Business owners who stand to benefit financially from the project support it, while people operating long standing enterprises reliant on clean water are strongly against it. Others are too frightened to have an opinion because they, or a member of their family, may lose their job.Continue reading “Narrabri – gasfields, renewables, distillery and rock”

Sydney Nannas visit farm and bore

Coonamble is on the border of Wailwan and Gomeroi Country. It is one of 120 towns in Australia that rely on the Great Artesian Basin for drinking water, particularly in times of drought.

The Narrabri Gas Project and its pipeline has the potential to contaminate this precious water resource. Gas wells are not only drilled through the Great Artesian Basin into the coal seam below, but they are also drilled in the Pilliga Forest, one of the few areas where rainwater is known to recharge the basin.Continue reading “Sydney Nannas visit farm and bore”

Macquarie Marshes, Carinda and David Bowie

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends were advised to leave Warren early if we wanted to see lots of birds at the Macquarie Marshes.

A thick morning mist slowed us down as we drove the 129km along the Carinda Road from Warren to ‘Burrima’. This bitumen bush road, very narrow in parts, has cattle grids that beep as you cross them.Continue reading “Macquarie Marshes, Carinda and David Bowie”

Nannas arrive in Warren

After a long 500km drive, Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends arrived in Warren at the Window on the Wetland Centre (WOW), an information centre built around a lovely old church. Locals transported the church from the town to act as WOW’s focal point. It includes a shop, café and community activity centre.

Continue reading “Nannas arrive in Warren”

Sydney Knitting Nannas Fund Our Future NOT GAS Listening Tour

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends are leaving the “cafes, dinner parties and wine bars of our inner cities” to find out what people living in north-western NSW want the state and federal governments to spend our money on instead of expanding the gas industry.Continue reading “Sydney Knitting Nannas Fund Our Future NOT GAS Listening Tour”

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