Why is the Hunter Gas Pipeline a bad idea?

Farms along the proposed 413km route of the Hunter Gas Pipeline produce cattle, grains, vegetables and fruit (some organic). This major gas infrastructure threatens all agricultural enterprises along the route and yet they have no protection from this toxic industry.Continue reading “Why is the Hunter Gas Pipeline a bad idea?”

Nannas join like-minded people

Sydney Knitting Nannas joined many other groups including Move Beyond Coal, 350.org, XR Drum Rebellion, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change and Lismore activists at a demonstration outside the Financial Review Banking Summit at the Hilton last Tuesday. All these like-minded people were there to tell the Big Bankers plotting inside to stop funding destructive polluting fossil fuel mining.Continue reading “Nannas join like-minded people”

Nannas draw attention to water, our most precious resource

On World Water Day Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends ventured into the Botanical Gardens to make videos to remind Sydneysiders including ourselves how important water is.  It doesn’t just come out of a tap! Looking around us we have to question whether our most precious resource is safe. Continue reading “Nannas draw attention to water, our most precious resource”

East Coast Gas – the Big Picture is not what we’re told

Bruce Robertson, an energy financial analyst, recently addressed a community meeting of landholders who will be impacted by the Hunter Gas Project. He spoke about systemic problems and the corruption of process that are inherent to gas production in Australia.Continue reading “East Coast Gas – the Big Picture is not what we’re told”

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