Good News 31 March 2023

Lots more good news this week about renewable energy, steel production, sustainable jet fuel, a water and cost saving experiment, and an Australian manufacturer exporting solar panels.Continue reading “Good News 31 March 2023”

Support truth in political advertising and protect the Voice Referendum

It can be hard to know who to believe in politics. It doesn’t help that lying in political advertising in federal and NSW elections is legal.Continue reading “Support truth in political advertising and protect the Voice Referendum”

Nannas draw attention to water, our most precious resource

On World Water Day Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends ventured into the Botanical Gardens to make videos to remind Sydneysiders including ourselves how important water is.  It doesn’t just come out of a tap! Looking around us we have to question whether our most precious resource is safe. Continue reading “Nannas draw attention to water, our most precious resource”

The Piss-off Policy

David Chadwick, a businessman and farmer from Coonamble, advised Hunter landholders that they have no option but to develop a strong and simple ‘piss-off policy’ to stop a gas pipeline being buried on their land.Continue reading “The Piss-off Policy”

East Coast Gas – the Big Picture is not what we’re told

Bruce Robertson, an energy financial analyst, recently addressed a community meeting of landholders who will be impacted by the Hunter Gas Project. He spoke about systemic problems and the corruption of process that are inherent to gas production in Australia.Continue reading “East Coast Gas – the Big Picture is not what we’re told”

Explaining Labor’s Safeguard Mechanism

On Wednesday evening Nannas met one of their heroes economist Richard Denniss after the forum on federal Labor’s Safeguard Mechanism at the Sydney Town Hall. The forum posed the question: will it safeguard the climate and the future, or the fossil fuel industries? Continue reading “Explaining Labor’s Safeguard Mechanism”

Preferential Voting Explained

Choose minor parties or independents with strong environmental policies as your first choice and put your preferred major party lower down. Your first choice candidate may be elected but if not your vote will flow to the major party. See our NSW Political Party Scorecard.

Gas – a declining industry

Last weekend Bruce Robertson was a guest speaker at a community meeting for landholders who will be impacted by the Hunter Gas Pipeline if it is built. He advocates that gas is a declining industry in Australia.Continue reading “Gas – a declining industry”

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