Sydney Nannas visit farm and bore

Nanna Kathy grew up on a property on the Pilliga Road near Coonamble. Sydney Nannas and Friends spent a morning driving around the property, listening to her brother Don talk about life on a farm and the importance of the Great Artesian Basin to this area for drinking water for stock. It’s too salty for irrigation.  We saw how the cap and pipe system works and were told as a consequence of this the bore water pressure had returned.Continue reading “Sydney Nannas visit farm and bore”

Sydney Nannas view Macquarie Marshes

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends were advised to leave Warren early to see the most birds at the Macquarie Marshes. We tried but unfortunately we didn’t get to “Burrima” early enough. ‘

“Burrima” is a private property with a 2km boardwalk across the marshes. It is along the Carinda Road, a bitumen road but quite narrow in parts, with cattle grids that beep at you as you go over them. You pay $25 per car to enter the area and are given a pin code to open the enormous gate.

This is a wonderful place to view the marshes and as there has been lots of rain it is very lush.

We retraced our steps back to Gibsons Way to Monkey Bar Creek. Here water crosses the road and it’s a popular bird feeding ground. Only one of our vehicles was high enough to cross this creek so the rest went on to Carinda and then on to Coonamble.

Sydney Knitting Nannas Fund Our Future NOT GAS Listening Tour

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends are leaving the “cafes, dinner parties and wine bars of our inner cities” to find out what people living in north-western NSW want the state and federal governments to spend our money on instead of expanding the gas industry.

The Sydney Knitting Nannas’ #fundourfuturenotgas listening tour will start in Warren where Nannas will hear from the people of the Macquarie Marshes. Nannas then plan to drive to “Burrima”, a private property between Warren and Carinda, to walk along the 2km boardwalk across the marshes.

We will stopover at Coonamble to find out more about how to protect other precious water resources, particularly the Great Artesian Basin. We’ll visit a farm and the Pilliga bore on the way to Narrabri.

Here we will learn about the culture and heritage of the Gomeroi people, the custodians of the land, and visit some of the Pilliga forest’s cultural sites.

Nannas will listen to successful business owners whose enterprises are threatened by the gas industry. We will check out some of the local tourist attractions as well as gas spill sites in the region.

What will Nanna’s hear?

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