Nannas believe in the power of everyday conversations, particularly around climate change and the need to build community support for urgent action.

Raise issues that concern you in conversations with friends and acquaintances. Listen to find something that you can agree on. Listen for what’s behind the person’s concerns, and say you’ve heard them. Listen for common ground – how something might impact them or someone they know. It may be about honesty, bad behaviour, a lack of integrity, accountability, truth, transparency or trust. 

Keep your conversation positive – You can be pro-environment and pro-business, like the young CEOs in the tech industries; you can live in the city and care about regional Australia – it’s where our food comes from; and you can be economically responsible and compassionate to people from other countries who need our help, particularly now.

Encourage others to speak up if something is wrong but within the rules, then work to change them.

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