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13 October 2022 – Knitting Nannas launch legal action against NSW government protest laws ABC News

7 Jan 2021 – The Sydney, Australia chapter of international group Knitting Nannas Against Gas (KNAG) spreads knowledge about environmental damage through peaceful protest. 60 Second docs

4 Jan 2021 – The Gloucester Kitting Nannas’, a group of amazing women with a passion for knitting, and saving the planet! Treechange Films – 20 mins

8 March 2019 – International Women’s Day: Knitting Nannas from all over NSW marched from Martin Place, Sydney to Parliament House to protest about water mismanagement and the lack of government action to protect river and groundwater health. Frogmouth Films: Rani Brown

1 Feb 2015 – The Nanna Wrap – The original Knitting Nannas Against Gas getting their message across – save the land, air and water for the kiddies. Clare Twomey

The Bentley Effect – the story of a social movement – Smiling Dragonfly Productions

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