Contact Your MP

As one of their constituents, your opinion and vote should be important to your members of parliament, state and federal. Asking pollies to do things is a good way to find out whether they are interested in representing their constituents. And some politicians don’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them! The more people who contact their local MP on a given topic, the more likely the matter will be raised with others in the parliament. 

Ensure you contact the relevant MP – state or federal for your electorate, and/or the Minister responsible for your concern and/or your state’s senators. Contacts by telephone, email or snail mail are logged. 

Find your NSW MP
Find your Federal MP and Senators
Find NSW Ministers
Find Federal Ministers

Telephone calls

  1. State your name and the suburb or town where you live.
  2. Ask to speak to the MP about…………………………….
  3. If unavailable, ask that the call be logged and repeat your name, where you live and your concern.

Email see content

Some MPs have email addresses, ministers often have webforms. Responses to emails are often automatic.

Snailmailsee content

Set out the name, correct title and address of the MP or Senator in the top left-hand corner. 

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