Support the Rylstone community by this Wednesday, 18 August.

The people of the Rylstone area are strongly opposed to coal mining and exploration in their region, and they encourage us all to help. The rivers, groundwater, Aboriginal heritage sites, farms, endangered species, agriculture and tourism would be damaged or destroyed if mining goes ahead.

Where is this exploration being proposed? On the Central Tablelands near Rylstone, in the Mudgee area. Click here for map and see Hawkins (No. 11)  and Rumker (No.12).

The NSW government plans to consider opening up all the blue striped areas on this map for coal exploration and mining! 

The community consultation on Rylstone closes this Wednesday. You can choose the quick option – sign the petition  or write a submission

The resources provided by the Rylstone Region Coal Free Community are there to make writing a submission easy. Please write in your own words and include your personal reasons for objecting. There is a link on the submission guide to load your submission to the NSW Department of Planning Industry & Environment.

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