Knitting Nanna Conference: Coal Report

Knitting Nannas have been campaigning against new coal mines in the Hunter, the Illawarra and near Narrabri for many years. However, new mines and extensions to existing mines continue to be proposed and approved. Knitting Nannas main concerns are:

Knitting Nanna Conference: Gas Report

Knitting Nannas are committed to stopping Santos drilling 850 coal seam gas wells around Narrabri in northwest NSW. The project and its infrastructure threatens the Pilliga Forest and other sites of cultural significance to the Gomeroi people. Prime agricultural land around Narrabri and on the Liverpool Plains will be impacted as will many people’s homesContinue reading “Knitting Nanna Conference: Gas Report”

The Australian gas industry’s conference is on this week and their hands are out for government funding. They’re desperate to appear relevant in a changing world. But don’t be fooled…….

Knitting Nannas Conference

On Friday 12 May Knitting Nannas from around NSW gathered for a day of listening and plotting. Over eighty Nannas and friends attended the morning session where first up we were welcomed to Gadigal land by Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor. Aunty wished us a healthy and safe stay and also encouraged us in our Nanna activism.

NSW Knitting Nannas march on parliament

The Supreme Court hearing of the constitutional challenge by two Knitting Nannas to the repressive anti-protest laws finished on Wednesday. Another day had been set aside for the hearing, but we aren’t reading anything into it being shorter than it could have been. We are cautiously optimistic that there will be a positive outcome forContinue reading “NSW Knitting Nannas march on parliament”