BASIX Higher Standards Submission Guide

Please use the following submission guide to assist you, but don’t simply copy and paste because it will not be counted as an individual submission. Your submission doesn’t have to be long – it’s fine to state your objections in a couple of sentences. 

If you’re up for something a bit longer, start a word processing file and write one or two sentences about yourself (tax payer, parent, grandparent, citizen, qualifications) and why you want gas removed from buildings (include emotions or examples of changes you have made from gas to electricity).

State clearly your objection (as seen below) then copy, paste and edit the following to suit your personal views.  

Go to 

Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Make a Submission and either copy and paste your submission into the online form or attach your file. Submissions due Monday 28 February.


I object to the BASIX Higher Standards as it does not:

  1. Change the status of gas from low to high emissions energy
  2. Ban new gas connections to residential dwellings

I commend the government on updating the greenhouse gas emissions factor when calculating energy consumption from electricity at a time when renewable energy sources are replacing coal fired power stations.

However, the greenhouse emissions factor for gas should be updated in light of the current science on the true levels of gas emissions and their impacts. 

1. Change the status of gas from low to high emissions energy

Gas is a fossil fuel. Methane emissions are 80% more polluting than CO2 for the first 20 years after release into the atmosphere. Leaks of methane occur all along the gas supply chain. In 2021 a world-first aerial survey of Queensland’s main coal seam gas region found methane emissions considerably higher than previous reports.

According to the Climate Council unconventional gas development exposes communities to unnecessary health risks, and burning gas at home for cooking and heating poses respiratory risks to health, especially to children. 

Recent US Research reveals methane leaking from gas stove tops while not in use is releasing the greenhouse-gas equivalent of hundreds of thousands of cars. 

The assessment of the emissions from gas, included in the current Building and Sustainability Index (BASIX) certificate reviewed ten years ago, is now generally accepted as incorrect. The overall pollution by gas is far greater and therefore the rating for gas under the new BASIX should be amended to reflect this. 

2. Ban new gas connections to residential dwellings 

The NSW Government has a duty of care for its citizens. The known health impacts from gas in the home are well documented and should not be ignored. The scientifically based measurement of emissions from gas are impacting climate change, which we are all experiencing. 

Locking people into using dirty, high priced gas for decades is negligent, when we know the harm it causes and we have abundant cheaper alternatives.

I call on the government to ban new gas connections to all residential dwellings.

Listen to what is happening in Victoria where the state government and councils work together. Renewables not Gas Powering Up Councils webinar conducted by Lock the Gate.

What outcome do you want from writing this submission? How do you envisage the future?

The NSW government, not individual Councils, should lead the way on this issue.

A future without gas will be……………

I urge the government to act in line with its stated goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and rule out new gas connections to all residential dwellings.

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