Sydney Knitting Nanna History

Knitting Nannas Against Gas gathered in NSW’s Northern Rivers in June 2012, in response to the exploration for unconventionally mined gas in prime agricultural land. They were at the Bentley Blockade when the NSW government announced the suspension of Metagasco’s licences in 2014.

By the end of the year the state government had bought back most coal seam gas (CSG) exploration licences, leaving Santos and AGL the only major players in the CSG industry in NSW.

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends was one of many loops (groups) formed to stop the spread of CSG, which was having a devastating effect on Queensland communities. New loops have to conform to the Nannafesto.

The Sydney loop began at a weekly Wednesday vigil outside AGL’s office in North Sydney. In 2016 AGL left Gloucester and announced Camden would close by 2023, leaving the Santos Narrabri Gas Project the only new CSG project in NSW.

In March 2016 the Sydney Knitting Nannas moved their weekly vigils to Fridays outside Santos’ office and held monthly Wednesday vigils at AGL’s office. The following year their weekly vigil moved to Martin Place between Phillip and Elizabeth Street for better exposure.

Nannas learnt to sing, travelled to the Pilliga, knitted and crocheted, made lots of signs, facilitated presentations on the Narrabri Gas Project and participated in many protests organised by other groups.

The Sydney Nannas celebrated their 200th weekly vigil in Martin Place in November 2019.

When Covid lockdowns occurred in 2020, the Nannas held a Friday Zoom session where they reported on online events, plotted what they could do and kept active by writing letters and submissions and speaking at hearings on Zoom.

When restrictions eased, Sydney Nannas continued their weekly Zoom. They also attended rallies, either organised by them or by others, but not on a weekly basis and always complying with health advice.

There are now Knitting Nanna Loops all over Australia and a few overseas.

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