Nanna Quiz 17 April 2021

For Answers

1. 150,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable cling wrap goes to landfill.

2. Yes. Great Wrap founded on the Mornington Peninsula converts food waste into PHAs, the only bioplastics that are compostable, landfill and marine biodegradable. PHA-producing microbes break down food waste, resulting in material that can be used in place of petrochemical plastics made from fossil fuels. The business is not only refusing to add to the harmful plastic in the world but also making better use of the 7.3m tonnes of food that’s wasted every year. Currently, 60% of Great Wrap’s raw materials are made from food waste. The Guardian Labs

3. No, salinity kills freshwater turtles. In heavy rains turtle habitats can flood and wash them out into the ocean or into stormwater which drain onto beaches. Fresh water turtles can be distinguished by their webbed claws and ability to retract their heads and legs, saltwater turtles have flippers.

4. After the floods hatchlings or turtles can be washed hundreds of kilometres from their place of origin. If you find a hatchling or a turtle please don’t put it back in the water. If it’s on the beach it is exhausted and needs help or it will most likely die. Put it in a container and call Australian Seabird Rescue 0438 862 676, or Sydney Wildlife 02 9413 43 00 or WIRES 1300 094 737. Manly Observer


29 March – Malcolm Turnbull appointed as chair of NSW net zero advisory Board

31 March – Turnbull calls for halt on new coal mines

4 April – Barilaro attends football match as a guest of NSW Minerals Council, with Fitzgibbon and Latham

6 April – Turnbull’s appointment is rescinded

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