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Soon the Senate will be asked to vote on amendments that would weaken our national nature laws further. Prominent people have called the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act weak and not fit for purpose. That’s why Australia leads the world on species extinctions, loss of habitat, deforestation and land degradation.

Tell NSW Senators that

  • Our environment laws need to be strengthened not weakened
  • Prof Graeme Samuel’s Independent Review of the EPBC Act identified the need for a comprehensive overhaul of our national environmental laws
  • Handing over environmental approval powers to the states and territories is bad policy. National leadership and oversight is necessary because what happens to the environment in one state can impact on another.
  • We need strong and effective National Standards
  • The National Environmental Assurance Commissioner should have REAL independence.

Fill out a Birdlife Australia webform or contact one or more of the government Senators for NSW directly:

Senator Andrew Bragg

Senator Perin Davey

Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells

Senator Holllie Hughes

Senator Jim Molan

Senator Marise Payne

Additional information:
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Environmental Defenders Office

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