Climate Change Action

Very soon our Federal MPs will have to vote for or against real climate change action.

Zali Steggall has amended the Climate Act Bill that failed last year – and in a good way! The new Bill sets an emissions reduction target of 60% by 2030 on 2005 levels. That’s more than double the only target Australia has – the pathetic  26-28% by 2030 set by Tony Abbott.

Our MPs will have to come out of hiding behind the debate net zero by 2050, which is just a distraction. The real issue is about setting a target to significantly reduce emissions between now and 2030.

You can sign a letter to your MP here

Please ask your friends and neighbours to sign too. How about a letter to the paper?

Professor Will Steffan of ANU has a good video explainer about 2030 targets here.

Professor Will Steffen, ANU researcher –  Video – Why we need urgent action

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