LNP’s Pathetic 2030 Target

This week in Glasgow global leaders need to go hard and go fast to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade. Yet in Australia there is no sign of a national action plan to reduce emissions and our 2030 target is a pathetic 26-28%. And instead of real action on climate change we have a government pushing a gas-led disaster and the expansion of coal mining.

One immediate thing we can do is call for a serious 2030 emissions reduction target. The Climate Council’s petition calls for a 75% emissions reduction target by 2030, on 2005 levels.  Australia could and should do it – unlike many countries we have the capacity to expand renewable energy projects both for domestic use and for export.

Please support this call for serious action that responds to the global climate emergency.

It’s not too late to for the Morrison government to respond to the IPCC report’s warnings, summarized by the UN Secretary General as a Code Red warning, with irrefutable evidence that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk.

The photograph above is of Nanna Cherry holding up a temperature scarf at Wollongong Coal’s AGM.

On 21 October, the last joint sitting day in parliament before COP26, Common Grace called on every federal MP and Senator to #WearTheScarf to show their support for urgent, ambitious climate action. Look here to see if your representative wore one.

There’s much more we can do for a clean energy future and protection of water, land and biodiversity. See our events calendar for suggestions.

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