No New Coal and Gas Rally

Sydney Knitting Nannas co-hosted a ‘No New Coal and Gas’ rally at Sydney Town Hall on Sunday. A series of excellent speakers were introduced by organiser Rachel Evans and Nanna Marie. After the short and passionate speeches the group marched to Hyde Park, pausing along the way to observe a minute’s silence for all the death and destruction experienced during the recent floods and fires as the result of climate change.

We question how Labor can deliver on their relatively modest climate policy while they have a queue of coal and gas projects lining up to be started. These include the Dendrobium project which will mine further under Sydney’s water catchment and lose billions of litres of our precious water in the process. 

And there’s no way we want Cleanaway’s proposed toxic incinerators to be started up … in the Sydney Basin or out-of-sight-out-of-mind in rural communities.

We want justice for First Nations people whose land is so often trashed without consultation. 

We want a properly planned fair transition for mining workers into renewables jobs. 

We want the outrageous new laws regarding public protests to be rescinded.

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