Write a short or long objection

Write an objection to an incinerator at Tarago

This week let’s speak out against Sydney’s waste being burnt at Tarago in the Southern Tablelands.

The Tarago community is calling for our support to block the toxic Veolia “Energy from Waste” project near their town. It’s not just for them but also for us. The project threatens human health, water resources and food security for decades into the future.

Local activists Communities Against the Tarago Incinerator (CATTI) have assembled an overwhelming case against the incinerator. We thank them for taking a strong lead against incinerators and for making it easy to lodge an objection.

We know there’s a waste crisis, but burning plastic and creating 600,000 tonnes of highly hazardous residue is not the answer. Submissions close on 6 December. 

Veolia’s incinerator proposal for Tarago is a leap in the wrong direction. The NSW government needs to hear that from us.

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