Petition against CSG in NSW

Grab new chances to save the Pilliga and the Liverpool Plains

Please sign the petition by Lock the Gate calling on the state and federal governments to stop coal seam gas projects in north-west NSW.

We have a new ALP government in NSW so let’s make a renewed push to stop coal seam gas mining in the Pilliga forest and on the Liverpool Plains.

New Premier Chris Minns and Environment Minister Penny Sharpe have said they will not stand in the way of the Narrabri Gas Project because it was approved by the Independent Planning Commission (IPC).

Campaigners against the project know the back story though, and are more determined than ever to send Santos packing from NSW. What we know:

  • The IPC imposed many conditions when they approved the project, and some of them haven‘t been met.
  • Santos has permission from the Perrottet government to explore for gas on the Liverpool Plains, on our best farming land. Decisive government action could stop this. Blocking Santos on the Plains could make the Pilliga project unviable.
  • We don’t need new gas – our governments can ensure demand for gas is met during the transition to renewables.
  • The climate science is clear that gas is not a transition fuel to renewables, and that we have to stop new fossil fuel projects now.
  • Until the IPC approved the Narrabri Gas Project the ALP in NSW opposed it through two election cycles. Prominent ALP MPs, now Ministers, visited the North West and spent time learning about the huge risks the project holds for the future of NSW.
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