Hints on how to write a submission

  1. Do a brain dump. Write, preferably with a pen, whatever comes into your head about the issue. Include your emotions. This is a technique used in creative writing to free the mind and make words flow. If this doesn’t work for you, just list your concerns. 
  2. Circle all the key words or phrases in your brain dump which relate to why you object to this project. You can circle as many or as few words as you like. If you have done a list there’s no need. 
  3. Place your key words under one or more of the following because this is how governments assess the merits of projects –
  • Site Suitability
  • Social Impacts – e.g. includes climate impacts and international equity (duty of care to future generations)
  • Environmental Impact – e.g.includes climate impacts and international equity 
  • Economic Impacts – e.g includes climate impacts and international equity 

Now you have a list of your concerns, headings (as above) and sub-headings (key points). Choose to write about one or as many as you like, depending on time and your inclination. 

Submissions are usually sent via an email address or an online form. However, written submissions are usually accepted too.

Your name and suburb are published on government submissions unless requested not to on a written submission or by ticking a box if you submit it online.


Draft submission – copy and paste

Your name or organisation
Postal Address
Suburb NSW Postcode

Email Address



To – (Check the full title and address on the project notification page)

Dear ……………………..

Submission objecting to …………………………… (State your objection early and clearly, look for online button)

Please do not publish my name and suburb (optional – look for online button)

Reason for writing a submission

Keep it short – two sentences will suffice – more detail can be given later. 

Thank the ….. for the opportunity to write a submission.

Who are you? – tax payer, parent, grandparent, citizen, qualifications? 

Do you have a connection or experience with the issue?

Include emotions. What’s your emotional response to it?

What are your major concerns in broad terms? Summarise Step 2.

Why do you object to the ………?
One or more headings

I object to the ………………….. because

  1. Heading – Site Suitability, Social Impacts, Environmental Impact or Economic Impacts 
  2. Heading (key word from brain dump) – explain your concerns about each topic.



What outcome do you want from writing this submission? 

How do you envisage the future?

Name of individual or organisation – if an organisation, name of person on behalf of organisation

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