Nanna Quiz – 30 Jan 2021

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1. Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Having evolved 95 million years ago on the ancient continent of Gondwana, they are also “left-handed”, can live for 100 years, and can pick bindi-eyes out of your lawn before they turn prickly. ABC News

2. Milk. Queensland food tech company, Naturo has developed a process not requiring additives or preservatives, but retains nutritional value.

3. A bean bag filled with polystyrene beads.

4.  Crimes against humanity. Brazilian Indigenous leaders have asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Bolsonaro for “crimes against humanity”, accusing him of unprecedented environmental damage, killings and persecution, pushing for ecocide to be added to the crimes prosecuted by the ICC, alongside genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. SBS News

5. Twiggy Forrest. In his first Boyer Lecture, Forrest said Fortescue would, then build a commercial scale plant in the next few years. ABC News

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