Nanna Quiz – 6 Feb 2021

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1.      32. Cats can rotate each ear 180° and move them independently, to work out which direction a sound is coming from. Great adaptation for predators.

2.      Hippopotamus amphibious. “Hippopotamus” is from the Greek for “water horse” and is closely related to the whale.

3.      Hippos were released from Pablo Escobar’s private zoo after the Colombian drug lord was killed in 1993. The colony established in the Rio Magdalena, Colombia’s principal river, is causing ecological damage. ABC News

4.      Yes, return them to nurseries or Bunnings for recycling. Don’t put plastic pots in your own recycling bin. Or you can get creative

5.      Firefighters managed to save all 49 but only 4 escaped without some scorching. Trees less than 8 meters show 100% canopy scorching. The Wollemi Pine is one of the world’s oldest and rarest tree species belonging to a 200 million-year-old plant family. The species’ survival is threatened by more frequent and intense bushfires from climate change.

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