Nanna Quiz 20 Mar 2021

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  1. On 17 March the Nannas counted out the 550 footsteps between powerful lobbyist and political donor, The Minerals Council at 12 O’Connell Street, and NSW Parliament. The footsteps were chalked as a symbolic statement spelling out the closeness of the lobbyists and our government. Speakers supported the campaign to end the flow of taxpayers’ money from both state and federal governments to the coal and gas industries, no new coal and gas projects and a ban on fossil fuel political donations.
  1. The march, attended by Nannas, called for gender equality, and justice for victims of sexual assault. It called for an end to gender discrimination and violence. The protests followed a wave of allegations of sexual assault, abuse and misconduct in the highest offices of Australian politics. Demands included full, independent investigations into instances of gendered violence in politics; the removal of perpetrators from positions of power and a full implementation of the 55 recommendations put forward in Respect@Work, the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2020 report of the National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment.
  1. South Australia. When coal-fired plants close, electricity prices fall, contrary to what Energy Minister Angus Taylor would have you believe. More information from ABC News
  1. Jindera in the NSW Riverina.
  1. Australia’s CSIRO. It confirms the risks from CSG fracking, of groundwater contaminants entering the subterranean aquifer of high connectivity. Scientists also found denitrifying bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacterial populations were present in many wells. These bacteria corrode wells left by the gas industry, even when they were capped and abandoned, meaning it was impossible to mitigate the risk of contamination if the fracking industry was allowed to continue expanding across the NT. Don’t Frack the Territory 
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