Nanna Quiz 27 Mar 2021

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  1. 25 million years.
  1. 2050. The Save Our Koala Day of Action was postponed from 21 March till 5 June 2021.
  1. FOGO is a new waste service: Food Organics and Garden Organics being introduced by some councils. Your food and garden waste go into the same green–lidded bin. Food waste makes up to 40% of the rubbish in red–lidded bins. FOGO stops food organics going to landfill where it produces greenhouse gases. Councils will turn it into compost that can be used in parks and farms.
  1. You can buy traps from hardware stores or make your own. Cut the top off a soft drink bottle, just above the label, flip it over and tape it in place. Pour in some apple cider vinegar (to attract fruit flies) and a solution of dishwashing detergent (to break the surface tension on the water) – the flies will fall in……..
  2. Yes. Lithium-ion batteries power laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles with a lifespan of 1 to 3 years. 95% end up as dangerous landfill. Singapore-based start-up Green Li-ion has patented a technology to speed up current recycling processes, lower costs, and recycle every type of Li-ion battery. It allows extraction of metals, to be put back into the market. Rather than seeing Li-ion batteries as waste, they become an important resource, allowing cobalt, nickel, manganese and other expensive metals to be individually recovered and ready to be used in new batteries. Business Insider Australia
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