Sydney Knitting Nannas’ NSW Government Report Card

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends gathered outside NSW parliament house to deliver a report card on the last day of the first session for 2021. The report outlined the one credit and five failures and a performance plan for the next session.


Management of Covid Crisis The Premier learnt from mistakes made early last year and has provided leadership by listening to health experts and standing up to the PM and others putting economic interests ahead of community safety.PASS with credit
Climate Change Action Government support for renewable energy is commended. Sadly it is outweighed by the expansion of gas and coal mining. In the last 4 months the government has recommended approval for the mining of 85 million more tonnes of coal from Mangoola and Tahmoor mines. Most coal mined in NSW is exported and the government gets away with not counting the total emissions it is responsible for. Plans are afoot to allow more exploration for coal seam gas in the North West, and for fracking for tight gas in the Far West.FAIL
Protection of Water Coal seam gas mining approved by this government near Narrabri puts the Great Artesian Basin at risk. Over-extraction of water in the Murray Darling Basin is devastating the Darling Baaka river. Water Minister Melinda Pavey legalised flood plain harvesting in “emergencies” (undefined) just before the current floods.  Following strong community opposition Pavey withdrew the bizarre plan to destroy the Menindee lake system. Credit for this goes to the communities, not Pavey.HUGE FAIL
Protection of Land The government has expanded gas and coal mining, with more to come. Fossil fuel mining threatens agriculture and other industries which rely on land and water.FAIL
Protection of First Nations culture and heritage The government and mining companies are ignoring Traditional owners’ objections to the destruction of country.FAIL  
Protection of Biodiversity and prevention of Koala extinction The battle to protect koalas from extinction continues. The Liberals appear to have capitulated to the Nationals plan to allow destruction of koala habitat on private land, which is where most koalas live. We will know more when new codes are released in the next few weeks.FAIL


  1. Extinguish all gas exploration licences (PELS)
  2. NO MORE coal mine approvals
  3. Stop ignoring First Nations people on destruction of water and country
  4. No taxpayer money for coal and gas
  5. Break up with fossil fuel lobbyists – Minerals Council and APPEA
  6.  Stop destruction of koala habitat.
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