Nanna Quiz 23 April 2021

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1. Emus lack grinding teeth so eat stones and pebbles to help grind up and digest the plant material they eat, having up to 745g of stones in their gizzards. Emus eat a variety of native and introduced plants such as Acacia, Casuarina and grasses. They also eat insects and other arthropods: grasshoppers and crickets, beetles, cockroaches, ladybirds, bogong and cotton-boll moth larvae, ants, spiders and millipedes for protein.

2. Don’t put them in household bins or bulky waste collection. Take your smoke detector to the Community Recycling Centre (CRC). If smoke detectors are placed in household bins they set off nuclear detectors at the processing centre, and are a hazard to the facility’s staff.

Ionization chamber smoke detectors contain a small amount of americium-241, a radioactive material. Smoke particles disrupt the low, steady electrical current produced by radioactive particles and trigger the detector’s alarm. Penrith Community Recycling City

3. Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki presents evidence of the value of exercise in lifting your spirits while giving long term protection to your brain. It’s not arduous! Go Nannas! (And potential Nannas) YouTube TED – The brain-changing benefits of exercise | Wendy Suzuki

4. No. Methane (gas, natural gas, coal seam gas) is a powerful greenhouse gas 86% more potent than carbon dioxide over 20 years. All gas wells leak sooner or later. Methane leaks in all stages of exploration, extraction, transport and storage. Gas wells continue leaking long after they are decommissioned. It is a fossil fuel. When burned for energy, it produces carbon dioxide.

5. This week, Scott Morrison will speak at a virtual climate summit hosted by US President Joe Biden. He is expected to pledge to put the country on the road to net zero carbon emissions, “preferably by 2050”. Admitting Australia’s energy mix will have to change over the next 30 years to achieve this, he is spruiking gas and hydrogen. Critics warn him against flirting with net zero targets and letting Australia lag behind on climate action. “The federal government has been increasingly isolated on the world stage and this sort of net-zero lip service while propping up the gas industry will not cut it,” Greenpeace spokeswoman Nelli Stevenson said on Tuesday.

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