Nannas visit Lendlease site at Mt Gilead

Four Sydney Knitting Nannas, with koalas on their minds,  visited Mt Gilead on 22 April where Lendlease has built retirement villas and is planning to build 1700 more houses during stage 2 of the development.

This area is home to NSW’s only healthy and expanding KOALA colony but if further development goes ahead their movement corridors will become dead ends or bottlenecks. Koalas rely on these corridors to help them cross the landscape to breed, find water and escape fire.

The Lend Lease development is proposed mostly on farming land, close to the river where there are a lot of trees. The existing housing is very low density with very high environmental impact – black tiled roofs, no open space, no shared space. Lendlease knows how to build more sustainably – but they’re not doing it.

14 January 2021 – ABC
Lendlease could ‘destroy’ its green credentials over Figtree Hill development in koala country, experts say

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