Sydney Nannas knit-in at Plibersek’s office

The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends held a knit-in outside Tanya Plibersek’s office in Redfern on 29 April. They wanted her to know that they do not want taxpayer dollars spent on the expansion of the gas industry.

When Tanya came out of her office to talk with them briefly, they told her what they wanted instead. Many alternatives to funding gas were written on paper and pinned to a curtain.

Knitting Nannas across Australia call on all their MPs to actively oppose the Morrison government’s gas-led recovery in whatever way they can.

Renewable energy with battery storage is now cheaper than fossil fuels, and could enable Australia to meet its international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition it is future-oriented, job-rich and without the environmental destruction resulting from expanding the gas and coal industries. Current research demonstrates that gas is not needed even for peak periods of energy demand.

At the same time as opposing taxpayer dollars being spent on gas and coal Knitting Nannas are also calling for better funding of services including Tanya’s own shadow portfolio of education. They ask that she continue to speak up for improved funding for public education and training. Funding for the improvements that are necessary would be easily achieved with the reallocation of funds currently going to fossil fuel industries.

As Tanya is a senior member of the Opposition team, Knitting Nannas ask that she encourages her colleagues in the ALP to take action in the Senate to ensure that the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) amendment legislation is changed to ensure the NAIF does not become a funding facility for the government’s plan to open up five new gas basins across the country. They are also concerned that one of the government’s aims is to move the funds even further from scrutiny by the parliament and the public.

Stopping the government’s plan to make the NAIF a slush fund for fossil fuels would be a decisive move in the fight for a clean future for Australia and for meeting our international climate change commitments.

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