Good News 9 July 2021

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  • Australian government must protect young people from climate crisis harm, court declares The Guardian
  • Knitting Nannas gain recognition at United Nations Human Rights forum Watch recording here. Go to 3 minutes to hear the High Commissioner Michelle Bachelat talk about the leadership of older people –

“However, many older persons occupy positions of authority and have benefitted from the economic development pathways that cause climate change. As a result, they have a particular responsibility to leave a better legacy for future generations. 

To the benefit of us all, many older persons are increasingly using their skills, knowledge, experience, resources, and resilience to help stop climate change and address its worst impacts:

Across Latin America, indigenous elders have formed networks of solidarity to preserve their cultural heritage and traditional knowledge and advocate for climate action that respects their entitlement to free, prior and informed consent.

In Norway, the Grandparents’ Climate Campaign has been supporting climate litigation and contributing to public advocacy on Norway’s climate policy.

In Australia, the Knitting Nannas have adapted peaceful direct action tactics to advocate for policies that preserve the environment and fight against climate change.”

  • Victorian state schools start switching off natural gas The Age
  • Battery boom could add billions to Australia’s economy and solve grid crisis The New Daily
  • Victorian Nationals to push for bolder climate position The Guardian

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