Good News 28 Oct 2022

To read more about this week’s good news click on the image and and then on the links.  Extra good news not on the graphic includes a virtual fence to protect wildlife, Sydney solar pioneer wins international prize, Brisbane battery innovator US funding, ACT circular economy strategy, record penguin numbers and more.

Good News 21 Oct 2022

Sportswashing has been exposed this week and there’s lots of other good news – marine cleanup in the Whitsundays, big industry to be charged for water usage in NT, religious leaders stand up against new coal and gas and more…..

Good News 7 Oct 2022

Click on the graphic for more good news and links to articles on foundation funding to cut secondhand electric car costs, trucking industry going electric fast, first harvest of methane-reducing seaweed and endangered frogs.

Good News 23 Sept 2022

Lots of good news this week. Click on the image to see links to articles on the above and on Denmark first to offer ‘loss and damage’ funding to the most climate-vulnerable areas, Victoria’s 2020 target smashed, native seed garden, teaching with turtles and more.