Act to Protect Sydney’s Koalas

The Figtree Hill housing development by Lendlease has been given permission to clear trees and dewater dams on the koala corridor between the Nepean and George’s rivers and on to the Blue Mountains.

The koala colony at Mt Gilead is our best hope for preventing the extinction of koalas in NSW. Environmentalists expect that if Lendlease is allowed to rip out this habitat it will lead to koala deaths and the eventual disappearance of the colony.

The development is right next to a well known koala kill spot on Appin Road. Lendlease has offered to build two underpasses, but this remains unresolved, along with how koalas can be protected from the inevitable impacts of high density housing on their habitat.

To find out more about how we can save Sydney koalas please register for the webinar from 6-7pm this Wednesday.

How can we protect Sydney koalas following the failure of the legal challenge to the huge Lendlease housing development proposed on their habitat in south west Sydney?  These are desperate times for the only growing, disease free koala colony in NSW. Come along to the webinar this Wednesday evening from 6-7 to find out what we can do now.  

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