Nannas Koala Team

Sydney Knitting Nannas has formed a Koala Team to research koalas, write letters to politicians, and help organise rallies with other groups. Koalas need large areas of undisturbed land to survive. Logging and land clearing for development are destroying their habitat in NSW.


Sydney Knitting Nannas joined #Fridays4Forests and #SaveSydneyKoalas outside Parliament House on Friday for the first #Fridays4Forests gathering in Sydney.

Sydney Koalas

The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends have been concerned for some time with the Lendlease housing development at Mt Gilead known as Figtree Hill. We believe that this development could have a disastrous effect on the Campbelltown koala colony, the only thriving, chlamydia-free koala population in NSW.