Warragamba Dam Wall

There are very important reasons to oppose the raising of the Warragamba Dam Wall – and now’s a great time to have your say!

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the government plan to raise the wall awaits our submissions.

The Give A Dam website is a great source of the background information on why the government should fund flood mitigation alternatives to raising the dam wall.

This campaign already has broad community support including from local First Nations people, water experts and ecologists. Even many of our pollies know it won’t work. The ALP and the Greens oppose the project and some members of the Coalition government have said publicly that alternatives should be investigated. What we need now is a blast of opposition to the EIS.

 It’s not just a waste of $4.6b of taxpayers’ money – it’s a destructive plan in the short-term interests of developers. It would destroy wilderness rivers and inundate thousands of hectares of unique World Heritage listed areas.

There’s a Give A Dam film about the what’s at stake – 5 stars from the Nannas!

We Can Win This Together! Submissions close on 12 November.

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