Council Election Check List

It is compulsory for people in NSW aged 18 and over to vote in the local council elections to be held on Saturday 4 December. Sydney Knitting Nannas have compiled some links on how, when and where to vote, and checklists on what your council should do to reduce emissions, minimise waste and make their Local Government Area (LGA) more liveable.

Voters Information Links

The NSW Electoral Commission is where you can find your local council, where to vote, key dates, lists of candidates and how to vote early etc.

Local Government Area (LGA) Boundaries and Mapping Information is where you can also find your local council and your local council’s website.

Council Check Lists

1. Reduce emissions

  • Set a target to reduce emissions from Council’s operations to net zero by 2035.
  • Join Australia’s largest local government climate network, the Cities Power Partnership. Check to see if your local council is a member
  • Install renewable energy (solar PV and battery storage) on council buildings and facilities, and replace inefficient lighting and appliances
  • Educate home and business owners about how to reduce emissions eg by energy efficiency measures and increased solar panel and battery use
  • Switch to electricity council facilities using natural gas. Encourage residents and businesses to disconnect from gas
  • Join with other Councils to lodge a motion calling on the NSW LGA Special Conference for 2022 to request that the NSW Government urgently develop a gas decarbonisation roadmap. How NSW can kick the gas habit
  • Change Council’s vehicle fleet to all electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Offer free parking for EVs for a limited time as an incentive to buy them
  • Ensure there are sufficient EV charging locations throughout the LGA
  • Ensure there are no obstacles to installing EV charging points in existing buildings, including apartments.
  • Electric-only new builds, supporting EV uptake.
  • Support active transport (cycling and walking)
  • Ensure new builds are designed to maximize public and active transport use

For more information see Electrify Everything

2. Minimise Waste

  • Circular economy for waste – repurpose and recycle and avoid the use of single use plastics and other toxic materials.
  • Educate residents and businesses on how to avoid waste and how to separate waste
  • Oppose incinerators being built in LGA and rule out sending waste to them
  • Provide e-waste pick-up or quarterly recycling drop-off days or recycling stations
  • Provide cash earning facilities where bottles and cans can be deposited for recycling.
  • Install water fountain with water bottle refilling stations
  • Regulate building/house construction and outfitting to avoid the use of non-recyclable reusable materials.

For more information see Minimise Waste

3. Environment and Liveability

  • Plant more trees in open spaces and along streets to provide shade, reduce temperatures, increase walkability and absorb carbon. Plant creature friendly trees.
  • Facilitation and funding of community gardens
  • Council sponsored volunteer managed Nurseries with locally occurring native plants and tube stock available for purchase
  • No artificial grass
  • More shelters and outdoor facilities in parks
  • Improve the health of our rivers and catchments

For more information see Local government and our warming suburbs and cities

Questions for Candidates 

Why are you running for council?
What do you think are the local priorities for climate action?
Why should people vote for you?
What are your major concerns for our environment?

Questions for Councillors on Committees and Council staff

Ask environment or sustainability department/committee what’s coming up and how can you support them?

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