No incinerators in regional areas

Incinerators in regional areas are not a solution for our waste and plastics problem. Incinerators run on gas, a fossil fuel, they burn plastic, which is made by ’cracking’ crude oil and gas then adding other chemicals and colours. The steam by-product releases CO2, carbon monoxide, methane, dioxins and other toxic gases into the atmosphere. The dioxins carry nano particles, that if inhaled can get into the bloodstream, where they remain forever.

To solve the consumer waste and plastics problem with minimum greenhouse emissions, environmental degradation and harm to health, we need to transition from a linear economy to a circular economy of waste. This can only be achieved by avoiding the amount of waste, and closing the loop by the processes of repurposing and recycling and avoiding the use of single use plastics and other toxic materials. Please sign the ePetition by 18 December.

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