Nannas say NO to incinerators

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends attended a rally outside the Land & Environment Court on Tuesday about the New Generation Energy from Waste Facility at Eastern Creek. Western Sydney residents have fought off the incinerators twice but the industry hasn’t given up. Nannas are calling for real solutions to the waste crisis, and a banContinue reading “Nannas say NO to incinerators”

No More Incinerators

Sydney Knitting Nannas were back at the top of Martin Place on Friday protesting against waste-to-energy incinerators. We were joined by people representing the different areas in Sydney and the regions who will be affected. City and country campaigners were united in calling for real solutions to the waste crisis, not polluting incinerators.

Incinerator is back

Do you know that the massive incinerator called the Eastern Creek Energy from Waste Facility is back in the planning system? In 2018 Western Sydney community campaigners rejoiced when the Eastern Creek facility was rejected by the Independent Planning Commission, the body that determines many major projects on behalf of the government.

No incinerators in regional areas

Incinerators in regional areas are not a solution for our waste and plastics problem. Incinerators run on gas, a fossil fuel, they burn plastic, which is made by ’cracking’ crude oil and gas then adding other chemicals and colours. The steam by-product releases CO2, carbon monoxide, methane, dioxins and other toxic gases into the atmosphere.Continue reading “No incinerators in regional areas”