Your Vote Counts

Do you know someone who is eligible to vote but you are not sure if they have registered? Consider sharing this information and offering help if they need it.

Register to vote online at the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website. Only one registration is needed to vote in federal, state and local government elections. You will need

  • a driver’s licence, or
  • Australian passport number, or
  • have someone who is enrolled confirm their identity.

If 16 and 17 year olds register now, they will automatically be eligible to vote when they turn 18.

A federal election must be held on or before 21 May 2022. Once the date has been announced you may have as little as seven days to enroll to vote. Don’t miss out, enroll now.

Voting is a way for us to have a say in the future of our local area, state and country. How we vote affects our relationship with the world. 

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