The Wollar Community is asking for our support in their long fight to protect water, human health, Aboriginal heritage and biodiversity in their area.

The Department of Planning is considering granting a coal exploration licence to further expand coal mining to within 500 metres of their town! We don’t need to tell you why Planning should say no. Sadly the Department’s form is to approve mining applications in line with the Perrottet government’s current massive expansion of coal mining

Lock the Gate has a submission guide to help us speak up for Wollar and a clean future. 

Wollar update 15 February 2022 – Wollar’s remaining community opposes further expansion of Peabody Energy’s open cut coal mine ABC Central West

Nanna Memory:  Here we are at the Planning Department in 2017 when three Wollar community activists faced up to 7 years imprisonment for trying to protect their area from coal mining. They were later let off with good behaviour bonds 

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