Stop Santos!

The Pilliga forest is a place of powerful cultural significance to the Gomeroi people who are also the custodians of the recharge area of the Great Artesian Basin.

Santos has launched an attack on Gomeroi rights in the Native Title Tribunal – they claim their Pilliga project is in the public interest and they want the court to strip away Gomeroi rights under the Native Title Act.  

The hearing in the Native Title Tribunal is the last legal barrier to the Santos Pilliga gas project. 

We have two ways to express our support for the Gomeroi and the precious groundwater resources and ecosystems of the Pilliga:

There’s a petition: sign the petition calling on Santos to withdraw their attack on Gomeroi native title rights. 

There’s a Rally: Please join the rally to support the Gomeroi outside the Federal Court in Sydney on Friday 8 April at 12 noon. Gomeroi are standing up against Santos, the Perrottet and Morrison governments and they invite us all to join them. 184 Phillip Street, close to Martin Place and St James stations.

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