Decide your own preferences

You do not have to follow a How to Vote leaflet. If your first preference does not reach 50% then your vote flows on at full value to the party or independent candidate who does reach 50%.

Here is a couple of explainers about this:

Antony Green answers your questions about Election 2022, preferences and how to vote

Confused about Australia’s preferential voting systems? SBS on how to make your vote count on election day

Find your candidates here

Check out Party and Independent’ policies on their websites so you can vote for your own preferences. It may take some time, but isn’t the future worth it?

We can send a message that we want climate change to be a priority by voting for the candidates who’ve made policy commitments to reduce emissions quickly. A key question if you’re worried about global heating is the candidate’s policy on coal and gas mining and export. Look for what they don’t say as well as what they do.

The climate science is clear – to avoid climate catastrophe approving new gas and coal mines must stop.

Knitting Nannas will be making the most of the last week of the campaign to keep listening and chatting about voting for the kiddies’ future. As we chanted at our rally on Friday outside the Minerals Council

“Money for Nurses, Money for Schools
No more money for fossil fuels.”

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