Nannas march to Minerals Council

Knitting Nannas from Sydney, Hunter, Mid Coast, Gloucester and Illawarra gathered in Martin Place yesterday to talk to people about voting for Climate Action. They marched from Martin Place to the Minerals Council’s office chanting “Money for nurses, money for schools, no more money for fossil fuels” and “What do we want, a federal ICAC, when do we want it NOW.

Looking back Nannas remember the long droughts of the 90s and 2000s which were followed by terrifying bushfires in 2019-20. Then more recently the tragic floods in many NSW coastal areas, where communities are still in crisis.

Looking forward we fear for the futures of our children and grandchildren unless there is a lot more action on climate change. This election is critical. We want a government that will:

  • act quickly to support the sustainable development of renewable energies
  • phase out of gas and coal mining and not approve any new mines. These industries are being massively expanded even though they are the main contributors to global heating. The IPCC told us last year: no new coal or gas mines if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.
  • correct the lie that gas is a transition fuel – it’s a powerful greenhouse gas that’s many times worse than coal in the short term
  • Respect the rights of First Nations people to their land, water and cultures. Support their right to veto mining on their land.
  • strengthen our environmental protection laws which have dismally failed us and other species
  • work for a federal Anti-Corruption Commission with teeth
  • enforce low caps on donations to political parties.

Yes please! But most politicians don’t mention that there are many more jobs in renewables than in gas and coal.

IMG_1647 copy

Minerals Council and APPEA
Knitting Nannas worry about the power of the fossil fuel industries over our government. Total grants from the federal government to these industries is more than $10b per year. A couple of weeks ago they made an election promise of $660m to speed up fracking for shale gas in the Beetaloo Basin.

Wouldn’t spending on health, education and flood relief be better?

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