Incinerator is back

Do you know that the massive incinerator called the Eastern Creek Energy from Waste Facility is back in the planning system?

In 2018 Western Sydney community campaigners rejoiced when the Eastern Creek facility was rejected by the Independent Planning Commission, the body that determines many major projects on behalf of the government.

That should have been the end of it but an appeal to the Land & Environment Court for an amended project was allowed, and the court referred it for assessment by the Planning Department, which is where it’s up to now.

We have until Tuesday 14 June to make submissions and to let others know that the incinerator is back and threatening the health of people in the Sydney Basin. 

Please support the Western Sydney campaigners – they’ve been through this twice before and it’s just not fair that it keeps coming back.

There’s a submission guide by No More Incinerators. Please write from your personal standpoint on incineration and waste, and include the fact that you object to the proposal.

Department of Planning and Environment – Exhibition of amended State Significant Development Application – Eastern Creek Energy from waste facility

Knitting Nannas will continue to oppose incinerators anywhere and advocate for a serious zero waste plan for NSW.

More information about energy from waste and incinerators on these sites:

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