Phase out coal and scrap extension plans

A shocking revelation by energy thinktank Ember presents an urgent challenge to the federal, NSW and Queensland governments.

The research reveals that methane leaking from Australia’s coal mines is seriously under-reported. Emissions are almost double that of all our cars, and add 5% to our total greenhouse gas emissions. Opencut mines are particularly damaging with emissions more than 10 times the amount reported to governments.

Please read the report summary and use the guide by Lock the Gate Alliance to write to Mr Bowen. Ask him to respond urgently to the recommendations, some of which can start straight away.

The most important actions are phasing out coal, starting with the gassiest coal mines, and scrapping plans to extend coal mining. There are 24 such proposals just in NSW.

This information sheet is very useful for understanding the challenges and solutions to coal mining’s methane emissions.

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