Good News 24 June 2022

Click on the graphic to see more good news and links to articles also on white-throated grasswrens, bionic-robo fish and a floating wall of wind turbines.

Victoria won’t have fossil fuels in backup energy plan Herald Sun

Injunction sought against Woodside’s Scarborough Gas Project to protect Great Barrier Reef  Environmental Defenders Office

Unlikely alliance, Nile and Greenwich to introduce protection bill for Aboriginal heritage to NSW parliament Sydney Morning Herald

Court allows expert evidence in legal first climate case against NSW Water Sharing Plan Environmental Defenders Office

Australian researchers given $45m to study alternative solar panel materials The Guardian

Indiginous Rangers find a number of endangered white-throated grasswrens in Arnhem Land ABC News

Scientists unveil bionic robo-fish to remove microplastics from seas The Guardian

US auto giant backs niche floating wall of wind turbines technology Renew Economy

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