Busy week for Sydney Nannas

Sydney Nannas were back outside parliament protesting against a coal mine this week, and some attended a webinar about coal or met with their MP.

Glendell Protest – On Wednesday Nannas protested outside Parliament about Glencore’s Glendell Continued Operations Project which seeks to mine an additional 135 million tonnes of coal, over 21 years, creating 226.9 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. This will cause irreparable loss of heritage value of a colonial estate which was the site of colonial violence and is hugely important to Wonnarua people.

Scott Franks and other Wonnarua people spoke outside parliament about the Glendell mine and the massacre of their people near the Ravensworth homestead in 1826. A print of an artwork by Doug Heslop, one of the Plains Clan members was featured. A group from the protest then took a framed copy to Tanya Plibersek’s office and spoke with her electoral staff.

Move Beyond Coal launch – Some Nannas attended the Move Beyond Coal webinar organised by Tipping Point – 110 people were there, and more attended the launch in Petersham Town Hall. Young people told stories of the impacts of climate change on their lives. Attendees sent emails to NAB bank directors during the meeting.

Interesting fact: Half of the world’s new coal projects are on Tanya Plibersek’s desk.

Stop government subsidies for gas expansion – Sydney Nannas have been contacting their federal Labor MPs and Senators for NSW, asking for a meeting about

  1. Stopping gas subsidies
  2. Signing Global Methane Pledge
  3. No new coal or gas approvals
  4. Fix the EPBC Act

Two Nannas met with their member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, on Tuesday. She said the government has found $1.93b in gas subsidies that are not locked in, the government will not give subsidies to gas projects, and that ARENA will only fund renewable energy projects. Susan’s view is that where mining conflicts with farming, food security needs to be given priority. She recognises the need to improve environmental protection through changes to the EPBCA and she thinks there will be legislation ready next year. She agreed to pass the question about the Global Methane Pledge on to Madeleine King. She said that Madeleine King and Tanya Plibersek have some very hard decisions to make. Susan isn’t in the ministry, therefore her powers are limited.

Other Nannas have contacted their MPs, some have meetings set up and others are waiting for a response. It has been difficult to arrange meetings with Ministers.

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