Nannas at Adventure Walk

Today, Sydney Knitting Nannas had a fabulous day on an adventure walk and picnic starting at Callan Park Bushcare. As it was a sunny day, Nannas set up near a shady tree on the walk along Parramatta River. Many people and families stopped and talked to the Nannas. The children enjoyed making koala masks, then put them on and looked at themselves in the mirror.

The Nannas gave away mandarins and leaflets, asked people to sign a petition to save koalas and offered to send letters to their MPs. Other activities on the walk included colouring in for kids, a climate quizz and bird spotting. All the groups along the walk joined up at the end for a group photo.

Picnics were held around the state today to celebrate nature in our local areas and to get to know people from other local groups. The picnics were supported by the NSW Nature Conservation Council.

Some Nannas attended the picnic closest to them, meeting up with like-minded people living in their area.

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